• Activities
  • Lexicon Kids offers a number of activities that brings out overall development of your child. Our activities include:

    Fun In Sand

    The School has a decent sized Sand Pit where the children are allowed to play when ever they feel like, as playing in the sand helps in the development of muscles in children. It also helps in improving the co-ordination between eyes and hands and also to unleash their imaginations.

    Story telling and Enacting

    Children are made to listen to theme stories. Listening to stories make their tiny imaginations run wild. And later, they are made to enact the different roles they just heard about. Throughthis we teach the children various important rul;es of life, like obeying parents, maintaining discipline etc.

    Sing , Dance and learn

    At Lexicon KIDS, we have singing and rhyme time everyday , as we believe that music is very essential for the development of a child’s brain. Through music and dance, the children are taught about flowers, fruits, vegetables etc. And who enjoys singing and dancing more than children? So what happens is that through songs the information that we want the children to learn gets well cemented in their hearts.


    Though the fellow students maybe tiny toddlers below age four, but the efforts that go in preparing a curriculum for them are immense. As they are young minds, ready to absorb anything that is taugt to them , it is very essential that they are taught the right things in the right manner . To ensure this a detailed cuuriculum is prepared. This curriculum is given to the parents on the first day of school, so that the parents are aware as to what their little one is going to learn for that particular academic year. Apart from this we also give a weekly report sheet on every Friday of the week to keep the parents informed about the weekly activities in class.

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